A Little History

Mastermind Networks began as a response to the outrageous pricing practiced by some hosting companies. Hiding behind well-crafted words, they practiced prices 5 to 10 times higher than the usual cost. That the equivalent of paying Ferrari money for a Ford Focus.

In 2009, a couple of designers and developers got together to talk about website performance and how that affects business profits. We eventually started talking about the advantages of a dedicated server and were it would be best to get one. While we all agreed dedicated servers rock but we were all appalled by the costs, we knew that there must be a way of getting a dedicated server without paying an arm and a leg.

However back then as today most budget provides were cutting corners to compete on price , some even go as far as giving up basic features as electrical back-up generators . To any unsuspecting business owners these datacenters are a complete nightmare since they could easily go offline for days without any possibility for the owner to retrieve his data or have his website back online. In a world were online reputation grows and falls at light speed, we believed it is critical for server have an uptime as high as humanly possible.

Therefore, after a few tons of coffee and an outrageous amount of planning, Mastermind Networks was born. Its mission to provide high performance dedicated servers for an excellent budget and help businesses owners in their quest to success. We knew from the start that without a huge budget it would be hard to succeed in a field where the big players where multi-billion dollar corporations and even government ran companies.

Our first decision was that we would stand on the shoulders of giants. As the great Steve Jobs once said, “If Apple was to play a zero sum game against Microsoft we would lose.” We heeded his advice and started by shaking hands with the giants, some of which were friendlier then others. We started collaborating with Red Hat and Microsoft for the software then came Norton and Kaspersky for added security and recently CloudFlare for higher performance and excellent DDoS protection.

With datacenters things where a bit more complex. Here giants come and go, getting the best network connections and reliability without paying a fortune would prove to be tricky business. Here the name of the game was flexibility. Rather than putting all of our eggs into one basket, we decided to rent rack cabinets in major datacenters. This way we would have the highest level of control possible without actually owning the building itself. We would constantly monitor the global fiber networks constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities. Therefore, if a datacenter was starting to oversell fiber or cut down on staff we would be ready to move our servers to another datacenter that would meet and exceed the needs of our software and the needs of our clients.

We came along way since fruitful day in 2009, we have grown together with our clients and we are proud of every achievement along the way.