If you are experiencing a problem with one of our services or need to report inappropriate use of our services please access the proper service on this page. We are 100% dedicated to resolve all and any request as fast as humanly possible. This page also provides links to our Terms of Service and our Privacy & Cookie Policy. If you have any questions about the later ones please send us an email via the Contact Us page. Please note that the highest priority is given that messages from paying or potential clients and to reports from authorities if your message is non-critical it will only be answered in the next business day when appropriate personnel is on the job.

Tech Support

Our tech support staff is on call 24/7 to solve any and all problems or possible problems that you are experiencing with any product or service that you have purchased from Mastermind Networks or any of our 3rd party affiliates. To access our support system please click the button bellow, the form will take you to our

encrypted support system where you will be in direct contact with our IT engineering staff. If your credentials are rejected, you cannot access your email anymore or have been the victim of account highjacking please email us via the form on the Contact Us page. A representative will contact you to clarify and resolve the situation.

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Legal Office

We have a zero tolerance policy for a number of situations that breach our Terms of Service. If you have evidence that someone or something is using our services / product for mal intent, please immediately contact our Legal Office. Just click the Report Abuse button below, your message will be

handled with utmost urgency. Messages from law enforcement officials are given top priority. For this reason, we must warn you that any attempts to impersonate an officer of the law will be met with utmost severe actions. This form must also be used to send any DMCA requests. Note these request are handled only within business days.

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Terms of Service

We maintain a strict code of rules in order to facilitate a continuous, troubles free service for our customers. Please note that it is extremely important that you read our Terms of Service page. It will answer almost any question you can have about what content is allowed on Mastermind Network’s servers, what laws, regulations and

jurisdiction applies for the client – provider relation between you and our company, for what matters we have a zero tolerance policy, what is our fair usage policy and various other rules and regulations. However if you have any problems reading or understanding our Terms of service please send us an email via the Contact Us page.

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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Mastermind Networks is adamant in maintaining a strict policy when it comes to personal data. We try our very best to never divulge any personal information of your customers. We put such confidence in the processes we use to handle customer data that we ourselves have included our personal information in the same

database used to store customer information. In an era were misguided journalist proclaim that privacy is dead and we should get used with it we stand firm in our belief that the right to privacy is a fundamental human right that shell not be violated. This is why we store only the data required by local laws and by our service providers.

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Please use this form to report any illegal, abusive or inappropriate use of our services or products.

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