We offer ultra-high security VPNs with a maximum of privacy. Our system uses the OpenVPN software in combination with Polar SSL cryptolibrary. This combination has been clear for government usage in Belgium and Netherland. By using tried and tested open source software, we achieve an unparalleled degree of security, privacy and performance.

VPN - High Security

This Virtual Private Network package is design with one thing in mind – maximum security. The networks infrastructure is located in privacy

friendly countries and the servers used are nothing short of digital fortress. This type of VPN is secure enough to accept the usage of software like uTorrent. The system authenticates you via a 1024 KB TSL certificate, a password encrypted 512 SHA enhanced by HMAC, once connection is established all packets are protected via AES 256 CBC. We continuously upgrade and enhance this package so it always on the bleeding edge of cryptographic security. Due to the complexity of this package, we offer free installation via TeamViewer. This service can also be purchased with BitCoins.

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VPN - Business Catalyst

The Business Catalyst VPN offer is similar with our High Security VPN offer. It retains the same ultra-high level of encryption and privacy.

However, the Business Catalyst adds the advantage of permanent US based IP so you can access websites like Hulu or Pandora even when you are abroad. The IP pool used is exclusively from respected providers so that you will never have access denied on any website you might use. You are also allocated a fixed IP so that you can access your enterprise network with maximum safety. Free installation is also provided for this offer, it also includes a PC repair and optimization for those who purchase the VPN package for 1 year. Due to US law restrictions, this offer forbids the usage of torrents.

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