Here at Mastermind Networks we have our own server racks in multiple datacenters around the world. This allows us to always choose the datacenters that offer a combination of maximum reliability, high performance and affordability. We have chosen to stand on the shoulders of giants since day one. Therefore, we proudly admit that we are partners with Microsoft, RedHat, Google and CloudFlare. Each one of these enterprises allows us to deliver to our end users special discounts, specialized software and access to some exclusive tools. Tools that are then put to good use so that we might offer a faster and more secure service for our customers.

All our datacenters have multiple fiber link providers. That makes us immune to network blackout and grantees that we will always be online. Some of our European datacenters have their own direct transatlantic cable, allowing for high speeds and low latency for North American data streams. One of our datacenters has staggeringly powerful 4.000 Gbps transatlantic connection.

When it comes to ensuring service continuity for our customers, no expense has been spared. We start with a solid base by ensuring that all the datacenters we operate from are level four datacenters. This means that all datacenters have redundant site infrastructure, that all IT equipment is dual powered via a fault tolerant electrical infrastructure and that the entire HVAC infrastructure it is backed up and independently powered. This extraordinary effort guarantees that the datacenters have no single point of failure and 99.995% infrastructure availability.

All of our datacenter have dual-city grid power feeds with some datacenters having their very own on-site electrical substation and power plant giving them an impressive triple-city grid power feeds. In addition, the datacenters are equipped with UPS systems (N+2) and 10+ on-site generators that can supply power for extended times in the event of a natural disasters.

The ventilation and air conditioning systems feature over 200,000 square feet of raised-floor computing space, one kW/m2 cooling capacity, dedicated water supply on site , fresh air is supplied by a separate circuit, an ambient temperature 24°C +2/-4°C and HVAC ducts protected by fire dampers. The entire system is fully automatic and intelligent temperature and climate control, with humidity and temperature sensors located throughout each facility.The AI ensures that the ambient humidity is keep at 35% to 60% that the ventilation system uses 20% fresh air and that the air is replace once every 40 minutes.

All the systems are continuously supervised 24x7 by multiple teams of technicians and engineers.

In order to prevent any potential hazardous incidents such as fires our datacenters employ a two types of high tech systems. Firstly there is a 24/7 technical infrastructure monitoring system using central control technology with over 17,000 measuring points per datacenter this system is on-site controlled and manned 24/7 . Supplementing this there is a dry-pipe water-based fire suppression system with laser-based pre-fire detection mechanism that can prevent damage to a server rack before a critical temperature is reached. The main fire suppression systems comes in two flavors , some datacenters employ the FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system with early pre-fire detection mechanism while others rely on active fire extinguishing by Inergen fire extinguishing system, false floor and/or room extinguishing, ASD early fire detection system.

In order to keep your serves physically secure from any mal intended characters our datacenters use 24/7 surveillance and teams of certified security guards. These security teams are assisted systems such as a fence with detector system delimiting the datacenter site and video surveillance of outdoor areas with videos archived for three months. The entire datacenter makes use of with biometric and key-card access control points the servers are being guarded by additional systems including mantraps and cab lock mechanisms. All security teams are coordinated via a massive speaker system. In addition, some datacenters make use of a Separate data center in a non-visible location for mission critical infrastructure.

Here at Mastermind Networks we continuously work to ensure that our business is as ecofriendly as possible. First off, all of our datacenters are powered by green energy. Our datacenters in both North America and Europe make extensive use of hydroelectricity and wind energy. By using, intelligent designs the datacenter building; radiate the excess heat from the servers into the outside environment therefore minimizing the amount of electricity used to cool the buildings and vent the heat from the servers themselves. We proudly stand with the Green Grid initiative so that the whole IT industry can work together in order to minimize its environmental impact.