Welcome to Mastermind Networks. We are a small company that specializes in dedicated servers and high security VPNs. Our primary focus is performance. This performance is accompanied by affordability, support and most of all reliability. With an average uptime of over 99.996%, we are well and above the industry's standard. We are also highly focused on infrastructure security and protection of private data. Our goal is and has always been to satisfy the customer’s entire IT infrastructure requirements so that you can focus on what you do best : make your company grow.

Dedicated Servers

We are proud providers of lean mean computing machines. Our servers come with free installation, free hardware reboots, server grade hardware and a fantastic price - performance ratio. Unlike most other companies, we do not ask for an arm and a leg in exchange for a simple computer. We geared our offers to suit every need,
budget and project that you might have. We operate only from level 4 datacenters so we can offer you an unsurpassed IT experience. We are also atrociously defensive when it comes to customer data and herby pledge never to transfer your personal information to another commercial third party.

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Virtual Private Network

Using our wide experience with network infrastructure and cryptography, we build a highly secure Virtual Private Network service to dramatically improve your privacy and security over the Internet. Our systems use state of the art hardware and enterprise grade encryption to ensure a fast connection and uninterrupted connection.
By using only open source software that is peer review and community backed, we can guarantee that our systems are immune to hacking attempts and spying intrusions. We also provide free installation on your PC and 24/7 tech support. Payment methods include PayPal and Bitcoin transactions via BitPay.

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